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  • Static

    What does a radio, a fly, a chandelier, some seeds, stairs, a road sign, a statue and a set of traffic lights all have in common? Well nothing really, but they’re all included in this issue’s digital art …

  • Balancing, Imagining

    Balancing, Imagining

    This issue’s digital art piece began with my desire to create a type based design – irrespective of the fact I would be dabbling outside of my core skill set and into the realm of typography.
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  • Rose


    “I kissed her goodbye, said ‘All beauty must die’ and I lent down and planted a rose between her teeth” – Nick Cave. This song quote was the origin of my design and consequently, prompted the inclusion of …

  • Kaleidoscope


    This piece was created for the express purpose of designing something visually appealing. The design originally began based on the concept of a kaleidoscope, but the piece quickly extended beyond that. The design was cropped, reconfigured and altered …



    This piece of work was created in response to the current Incstamp “Designate” Exhibition design brief, which proposed that designers can influence public attitudes towards social, political and environmental issues through their work.

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  • Shatter Puzzle


    This design is simplicity to the extreme. The entire process was short and involved selecting a stock photograph, dividing the image into 9 pieces, re-arranging them into a visually appealing composition and slightly tweaking the colour levels. The …

  • Glitch


    The art of creating something that isn’t conventionally perfect is quite a beautiful, yet equally complex achievement. Furthermore, the mere concept of planning and completing a design, with the intention of later ‘destroying’ it, is also quite unorthodox. …

  • Love, Death, Despair & Ecstasy

    Love, Death, Despair & Ecstasy

    Love, Death, Despair & Ecstasy is one of somewhat mixed messages as it portrays the co-existence of various emotions. Ultimately, the various elements included simultaneously unify the design and create some contrast within the design itself.

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  • Think Outside The Box


    The design you see here has been through several incarnations throughout its development. The original concept was to simply overlay a series of letters, words and images. In the development of this concept several typefaces, compositions and images …

  • Freedom


    This particular design represents freedom within a controlled environment. Created during a time of utter chaos, it depicts the presence and prospect of freedom and joy, regardless of the tight confines of life, such as those ever-impending deadlines.…