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  • Skeleton

    I was driving along one day pulling out of a slip lane on to the road, checking that there was no one coming I merged in. Only a moment later I was met with a violent horn, roaring …

  • Still Life


    Still life illustration by Jeremy Swanborough

    Every artist, whether they are audial or visual, is continuously learning from their environment. Inspired from their experience of the world around them. All great art and music owes its origins to …

  • Sorceress


    Sorceress illustration by Jeremy Swanborough

    Nothing like a smoking hot magic lady to brighten up your day, but this sorceress is far more useful during the night… Because of the mood lighting you perverts!

    To read more about …

  • Pudge

    dota2 pudge

    I am a big fan of zombies and the whole undead scenario. Almost every week one of my friends or some random person I have just met will say to me, “it would be so cool if there …

  • Mountain Pass


    I have never actually done a proper environment painting before, working up to this took 3 attempts. Even still I can’t shake the feeling that there is so much I do not understand. The experience is entirely different, …

  • Indian


    Portraiture is one of the more complicated but enjoyable styles of painting, with so many things to take into consideration. The human face is the most naturally recognisable signifier to us, any major anatomical errors can destroy not …

  • Hipster Dreams


    Illustration to me has always been about attention to detail, hiding a meaning in plain site and telling a story. Surprisingly I always find myself telling my own story in some way. Each time I get motivated and …

  • Astronaut


    One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. The endless, unexplored void that stares down at us each night inspires film and art culture like nothing else. With little understanding of what lies beyond we …

  • Batman


    As a big fan of Batman, the movies and the comics, making this digitally painted tribute to the newly released ‘Dark Knight Rises’ film was a no-brainer. Drawing inspiration from the original DC series in combination with the …