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  • Designer Profile: Rob Hamilton – Twofold


    Rob Hamilton: Twofold

    Rob Hamilton is the co-founder of Twofold, a company born by two brothers in 2008 with the idea of a niche agency that was able to cover all facets of design and technical development. After …

  • Designer Profile: Dani Hunt


    Dani Hunt: Neverland Studio

    Dani Hunt is a digital artist and designer with an enchanted, whimsical and geometric approach to her work. This might sound like an odd mix, but the end result is fresh and funky artwork

  • Designer Profile: Hannah Cutts


    Hannah Cutts: Cutts Creative

    Hannah Cutts came to Australia when she was just 18. She’d been accepted into Sussex Uni to study modern literature but got kicked out of the English education system because of badly timed parent …

  • Designer Profile: Yarron Frauenfelder


    Yarron Frauenfelder: This is Neu.

    Yarron Frauenfelder is the graphic designer and art director of his own design studio; This is Neu | www.thisisneu.com. Yarron was born on the Sunshine Coast and began working for himself in 2008. …

  • Designer Profile: Jenica Smith


    Jenica Smith: Founder, creator and writer of Design Montage.

    Jenica Smith is the founder, creator and writer of Design Montage – a creative hub for artists, illustrators, designers, photographers and animators. Currently studying for her Masters of Digital …

  • Semi-Permanent


    Yesterday Flux Collective attended the annual Semi-Permanent Event at the Brisbane Convention Centre and, as usual, the day was filled with interesting speakers, inspiration and general enjoyment. This year’s speakers included artistic entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines, …

  • Designer Profile: Neisha Phillips


    Neisha Phillips: Creative Director at Creative Emporium.

    Neisha Phillips, founder and Creative Director at boutique Brisbane studio Creative Emporium, makes the world a more beautiful place. That sounds like a bold statement, but when you see the result …

  • Designer Profile: James Wickham

    James Wickham: Founder of Saltprint, Saltmedia, Salthouse & Sprinkl.

    Wick founded Salt in 2002, using office space at his local church south of Perth, and designing the church’s newsletters and marketing material to get started. He developed a …

  • Designer Profile: Pip McConnel-Oats

    Pip McConnel-Oats

    PIP McCONNEL-OATS: Executive Group Manager, Creative. Rowland.

    Pip has more than 18 years’ design experience specialising in brand identity and brand management, corporate and financial reporting and publication design for national and multi-national organisations including Mincom, Suncorp Metway, …