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  • Configurate


    Over the past year or so there has been an influx of modular typefaces – type that comes as a bunch of consistent elements (modules) that can be put together in a variety of different ways.

    Configurate will …



    This piece of work was created in response to the current Incstamp “Designate” Exhibition design brief, which proposed that designers can influence public attitudes towards social, political and environmental issues through their work.

    Check out Issue 6 of

  • Two-B


    Inspired by retro signwriting and sketchbooks, Two-B is an imperfect modern slab serif whose concept and development occurred using a 2B pencil and quad-ruled exercise book. Designing this typeface brought back the joys of scribbling playfully as a …

  • Dreams Poster


    As is the way every 4 years, I draw great inspiration from the Olympic Games. There’s just something about the reward, the emotion, the achievement of goals after years of determination, and the bringing-together of different countries that …

  • Faline Bold

    Faline Bold Pangram

    Faline Bold. (Fuh-leen); Bambi’s friend and mate.

    Faline tips its hat to Neoclassic masters of type such as Caslon and Bodoni and embodies traditional elegance and femininity balanced with a modern-day personality. Characteristics of Faline include …